TAIL TAGS are the most widely used of all tags for Jewellery and small articles. They are the most versatile of all shapes and high quality tags can last many years
The diagram above shows how tags are attached. They may all look similar but can vary highely in durability depending on materials used and special top coats.
Cheap Polypropylene or hybrid plastics can fade and break. Polyester is more expesnive as it has a high oil content allowing tag flex. When combined with special
top coats the durability can be outstanding. Some suppliers like ZETAGS run boiling water, chemical and lab oven tests to constantly improve durability
(Image courtesy of ZETAGS)




With so many shapes and sizes it's difficult to show everything here. A good starting point is ZETAGS who have the biggest range of shapes, sizes and colour option.
The diagram above shows most basic shape variations. The link below will take you to the ZETAGS site where you can see a huge range of shapes, sizes and options. Variations in quality bwteeen manufacturers can be huge from cheap raw PP tags to high quality coated Polyesters.(Image courtesy of ZETAGS)