Bar Code Scanners

Bar Code scanners are very simple. Most scanners are instantly recognized when attached to your P.C. The two basic versions are wireless and USB connected. While it may be tempting to go for wireless, remember that the battery can be similar to a mobile phone and not hold charge for long periods after a year or so. To make matters worse it is often difficult to replace the battery. For this reason USB scanners are the best all around solution



Bar codes for Jewellery are small and scanners have a resolution just like a printer, often referred too as an x-dimension. You need to be sure that your scanner can cope with the density of the bars and give a consistent read. The read should feel like an instant flash. You should not have to move the scanner around trying to find the best position each time you scan. The basic rule is don;t buy a scanner until your supplier proves or guarantees it will work.