Most printers come with free software. However, a word of caution that you should insist that your printer supplier install the software and drivers together with configuring the actual label file to exactly what you want. Jewellery tags and bar code printers are not as simple as printing a word document to a laser printer. Some brands like ZETAGS have extensive libraries of label designs to choose from and offer world-wide remote install. Most printers come with free software that allows you to quickly enter data and print. Simple and effective programs where you don;t need to be a com pouter wiz.



Data linking software allows you to take a basic free program and upgrade it so that it will link to Access, Excel, text files and in fact just about any ODBC compatible data source. There are a few companies like Bartender and Nice Label that offer such programs. However, once again be aware that you will almost certainly need help to get exactly what you need. These programs are often only as powerful as the experience of the person installing for you.



There are many companies that provide software specific to the Jewellery industry. They will almost always have set layouts for basic tags and be able to assist with getting what you want.