ZETAGS are the choice of high end users. Their tags are made from Polyester with full pattern adhesion and are washable up to 5 hours in ultrasonics. They resist chemicals and have a very high gloss finish. ZETAGS have just about every shape and print colour you can imagine for Jewellery, Watches, Gems, Diamond Packets, Spectacles & Pens. Recommended for those Companies that are looking to keep a very high image in the market. Their tagline is "Look Your Best" and that's what you get. (image courtesy of ZETAGS)



MICOTAGS are designed for high volume users who just need a tag that works. Washable, pattern adhered and guaranteed without the high cost of premium polyester. Typically order volumes will be higher with a limited range



EUROSTIK is another high volume non premium supplier. No fuss washable tags at the lowest price for larger Jewellers and manufacturers more concerned with price than high end appearance.



JEWELTAGS is a specialist supplier of tags for the Jewellery Industry. The range consists of 6 popular shapes and all tags are washable and durable